Lajflex System

Extremely light and flexible modular slab system. LAJFLEX system is a man hand able formwork grid designed to cover all possible ranges of slabs with one system! From cast in situ to precast elements slabs or structural steel decking.


The system consists of high-strength aluminium main beams, steel grids not exceeding 15 kg in weight each and mounting accessories. Lowering head allows stripping of the main beam, and in case of precast slabs or structural steel decking, also the secondary beams, to allow advance stripping.


The ideal system for all types of floor and horizontal structures with a thickness up to 800mm allows a considerable reduction of labour costs by speeding up erections and dismantling. The system is modular and can be easily adapted to any type of building layout, even in the presence of obstacles such as pillars, walls and elevator shafts, making it very flexible in the infill zones due to its simple but special accessories.


The advantage of this system to others is the flexibility to use a grid or our Skylight panel with in the same bay keeping one system with two optional soffits. 


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